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Services designed to help you recreate you life and the world in which you live in a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way for any creative endeavor you may undertake
Truth in labeling on a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way

An application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create

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What are they? (Top)

The Gentle Phoenix Services are services provided to individuals to assist them in creating a faster, easier and gentler transformation for any creative endeavor they may undertake.  Services provided to groups or organizations are discussed under the web site, "Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Programs."  Gentle Phoenix Services are primarily directed toward the transformation aspects of an individualís life that may accompany a creative endeavor or toward individuals wishing to transform their life for one reason or another.

In transforming our life, we need to become very intimate with our lives to understand how we have created the experiences we have. As such, Gentle Phoenix Services are individual based and are about what the individual needs to do to free their individual creative spirit. There are many generic aspects but the path is very unique to the individual.

Services can include but are not limited to coaching, teaching, creativity consulting, laboratory exercises, attending selected workshops, and other similar traditional individual services designed to meet the creative needs. They also include more non traditional activities such as metatheater, tabletop games, sandbox type play, rituals, ceremonies and other playful activities to catalyze creativity. The Gentle Phoenix Services use and built upon the principles and concepts addressed in the web site, "Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines" and the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material.

Areas of applicability (Top)

Services can be made available for any creative effort. Gentle Phoenix services are not about finding creative solutions, innovative ideas, and/or an alternative way of approaching any situation. These are addressed under the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Programs. Gentle Phoenix Services are about making the transformation which is required in any truly creative endeavor including how to live our life differently and/or respond to any given set of conditions to implement the creative solutions we found. Services are applicable to any or all areas or aspects of life - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, private, professional, social, individually and/or collectively in a group or organization (More on ....Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity areas of applicability)

Primary issues the Programs are designed to address (Top)

Our creativity and our creative spirit which gives rise to our creativity has been put in a cage of our own making by how we lost our ability to creatively play and how and what we have come to think and believe as a result of the experiences we have had. Any truly creative solution, innovative idea or an alternative way to respond to a given situation, requires our creative spirit to be free to explore any and all options at least in our own creative imagination . It cannot be put "in a box" and kept captive. It must become free.

For our creative spirit to become free to create what we desire, we must regain our ability to creative play and creative power and face the associated issues. Our creative spirit needs to become free at least to the point of experiencing creative  freedom in our own creative imagination . The services offered by the Gentle Phoenix Services are designed to help individuals understand how to release their creative spirit and to face the obstacle that keep this creative spirit captive in as fast, easy, gentles and playful way that can be found to achieve the goal they aspire to achieve whether they be personal or organizational.

The problem we face is that the mind which created our problem is not the mind that will solve our problem. As such we must transform our mind and what we think and believe in such a way that it allows for us find and implement the creative solution that will solve our problem. The primary focus of the Gentle Phoenix Services are to find ways to surface the beliefs and patterns of thinking that are impeding the individualís creative spirit from finding those creative solutions.

In general, our standard ways of responding to the world at any level of being do not readily lend themselves to finding creative solutions. Rather the control our mind exerts keep our creativity in a cage of our own making. To find a true creative solution we must be free to follow the lead of the problem its to its root. This requires us to step out of that cage. In this regard, working with creativity, we must be willing to give the time and effort that are required to escape the cage and find that solution. For many individuals stepping out of mind is too temperamental and/or seemingly undisciplined.

Analogously it like trying to access the power of a race horse. Taking a powerful race horse and putting it into a cage on a treadmill expecting it to function according to its nature will not work. Similarly, you do not access the power of a race horse by putting it in a harness and having it pull a wagon. Rather one needs to create the space or a way for the horse to run free in a way that you can access its power - a small rider for control with a minimum harness.

The Gentle Phoenix Services are structured to bridge the traditional ways of being in the world yet meet the real needs of the creative process and the creative spirit. In this regard, the approach and/or subject matter of the services cannot always be characterized in the way many services are performed in business, management, counseling and/or therapeutic endeavors. Rather, they tend to be more "out of the box" than what most are accustom to seeing. Metatheater, rituals, creative play and the like are more appropriate for finding creative solutions.

Types of Services (Top)

The nature of creativity does not always lend itself well to many of the traditional approaches we choose to meet the mundane affairs and needs of life. Additionally, what any one individual needs to do to transform their life, is not what another will need to do. As such, the Gentle Phoenix Services are directed toward the unique needs of the individual. Exactly what they look like depend on the individual.

The Gentle Phoenix Services are structured to bridge the traditional ways of being in the world but yet meet the real needs of the creative process. Generically, the services employ a mixture of education, counseling, coaching, life review, story telling, metatheater, rituals, creative play, not doing exercises, guided meditations, on hands creativity exercises, nature walks, body work and exercises, and other related type activities to take and move the awareness in mind outside of it current belief structure.

An item for consideration (Top)

The goal of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity is to assist you in becoming creatively self-sufficient. In this regard, the essential material you need to become creatively self-sufficient is provided free (donations always welcome) on the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity related websites. Several different approach as provided within this family of website for example "The Fifteen Creative Steps/Guidelines" or "The guided path to releasing our unlimited creativity." It is recommended you explore one or more of these paths. Assistance and can always be requested if you have difficult getting "out of the box."

Scheduled Services (Top)

There are no schedules Services. Gentle Phoenix Services are unique to the individual.

If you are considering using the Gentle Phoenix Services (Top)

If you are considering using the Gentle Phoenix Services, it recommended you review and complete the "Homework Assignment for Gentle Phoenix Services" and "Work up for Gentle Phoenix Services." Then contact us for further services if you feel lead to do so

Rates and costs (Top)

Actual rate and cost is determined unique to each situation. Generic considerations on rate and cost is provided by clicking here ,,,, generic rate and cost information

Contact (Top)

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